Which Is Best for Your Floor: Waterproof Déjà New with Attraxion vs. Water-Resistant Glue Down LVT

People automatically assume that all vinyl floors are waterproof because vinyl is waterproof. This is indeed the case with the product as it sits in the box, but once it comes out of the box and is installed on the floor, it may only be water resistant, not waterproof.


Glue down LVT floors, also referred to as dryback LVT, are promoted as water resistant. Although the flooring material itself won’t be damaged by water, moisture can adversely affect the adhesives used to install gluedown products. Moisture damage can potentially compromise the performance of the installation.


Magnetic flooring such as Déjà New with Attraxion Magnetic Attachment Technology™ is waterproof because there is no adhesive used to install this type of floor. The bond is created between the ferrite powder in the base LVT layer and the magnetism in the MagneBuild underlayment.


Attraxion offers exceptional stability, despite the complete lack of adhesive. This magnetic bond has a horizontal sheer strength equal to a glued floor, but easily lifts up vertically if a plank or tile is damaged and needs to be replaced.


The lack of glue also means you can install magnetic LVT flooring in more environments. It’s better not to install gluedown in basements where you can get moisture through the subfloor that can impact the water-based adhesive, but that’s not a problem for Attraxion.


Magnetic flooring will actually repel moisture and push it to the perimeter of the flooring or up through seams, where you can clean it up. This is far better for the long-term health of your floor than having moisture get trapped between the flooring and the underlayment.


The speed and simplicity of installation are also key magnetic flooring features. Installers don’t require an advanced skill set; you simply roll out the underlayment and lay planks on top. The ease of installation also means there’s less opportunity for error.


Déjà New with Attraxion and Metroforms with Attraxion Magnetic Attachment Technology™  take the best features of a dryback and a floating floor and combine them into an easy, fast installation method for an LVT floor.


The installation speed of Attraxion floors have been tested against glue down LVT in side-by-side comparisons. The Attraxion floor was installed in half the time required for the gluedown. In fact, the Attraxion floor was finished before the glue was ready to accept the floor on the gluedown side of the room. You can see the side-by-side comparison in this video.


The magnetic technology also eliminates adhesive-related VOCs and reduces labor and removal costs associated with dryback installation. It also solves other key flooring concerns including the need for a moisture barrier and a crack isolation membrane.


Magentic flooring can also be walked on right away. Gluedown flooring typically has a 24 hour adhesive flash time, during which people should avoid walking on the flooring.


Gluedown LVT

Two considerations tend to drive consumers towards gluedown flex LVT: price and the benefits of a gluedown application. It’s especially preferred in commercial buildings where there will be heavy rolling loads, which is not suitable for floating or rigid products.


Gluedown provides a strong, permanent bond to the floor. There are also more options from a material standpoint that can fit a wider range of budgets.


Flooring customers have many high-quality, affordable flooring options for gluedown LVT and LVP, but there are sometimes additional costs associated with installation. Both the cost of adhesives and the added labor time during installation makes it a slightly more expensive installation type, but in many cases the savings on material still make gluedown flex LVT the more affordable flooring.


The benefits of gluedown LVT come in the form of installation reliability, strength, durability and stability. Although floating and rigid core LVT and LVP are fast, easy and affordable to install, they don’t offer the stability necessary for some commercial environments, especially medical offices or assisted living facilities where heavy weights are moved or rolled across the flooring regularly.


The other benefit of gluedown LVT and LVP are the style options. Metroflor’s dozens of beautiful luxury vinyl tile options are nearly indescernable from their authentic stone or wood counterparts. While Attraxion flooring from Metroflor also boasts realistic aesthetic mimicry, there are fewer style options available. With gluedown LVT, you’re more likely to find the style that perfectly matches the room or design you’re looking to compliment.


Despite the handful of drawbacks compared to magnetic flooring, gluedown LVT is still one of the more affordable options for a high-quality, beautiful and durable flooring.


Which Flooring Is Right for You?


There are legitimate pros and cons for both gluedown LVT and Attraxion magnetic LVT. You can get a beautiful floor with either option. Attraxion is the winner when it comes to speed, ease of installation and water resistance, while gluedown often wins on affordability of material, diversity of style options and stability in commercial settings.


Which luxury vinyl flooring option is best for you really depends on your application, budget and aesthetic preferences. You can browse our many gluedown and magnetic flooring options online, or you can contact a dealer near you for more information.

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