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In the latest addition of our Spotlight series, we are excited to introduce our readers to Craig Folven from Herregan Distributors!

As the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Herregan Distributors, Craig manages the sales team and oversees the product programs that their partnered manufacturers implement.  Now in their 50th year of operation, Herregan has remained successful each year by focusing on building relationships, both with customers and with its employees.

Craig says that although building strong relationships with customers is something that any business can do, Herregan does it exceptionally well.  It is what sets the Minneapolis-based company apart from the competition.  

“I feel like we have the strongest [customer relationships] in our marketplace,” Craig said.

The company’s sales managers and salespeople are excellent at fostering customer relationships, which Craig largely contributes to the work environment at Herregan.  He said that a strong family work culture was instilled by Herregan’s original founders and continues under its new leadership.  

In fact, their similar family work cultures played a key role in Herregan’s decision to partner with Metroflor in 2002.  

“When I think of Metroflor, the first thing that comes to mind is family,” Craig said.  “That really resonates with us because we’re a family-owned business as well.”

Of course, this trait isn’t the only reason Herregan partnered with Metroflor.  Metroflor owns both the technology and the process to make innovative LVT products for Herregan, something that Craig said gives Herregan a distinct advantage in the market.

Learn more about our growing relationship with Craig and the team at Herregan in the video below:

Just as Craig said, we’re excited about our future and we know that Herregan is a big part of that future. Stay in loop on all that’s going on at Metroflor by connecting with us on social media! 

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  1. Russell Rogg

    Thanks to Craig Folven for participating in this video series and thanks to everyone at Herregan for the continued support that we receive from their entire organization. We are proud and privileged to be aligned with such a wonderful company…and their is no doubt, our future is bright with one another!

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