Metroflor LVT Durability & Wear Layers | What You Need To Know

When it comes to LVT, Metroflor® delivers the widest array of options – from traditional glue down, patented grip-strip, and clic technologies, to our revolutionary ISOCORE Technology. It’s important to choose the best wear layer based on your project requirements, while enjoying the confidence of knowing that Metroflor® flooring is as durable and easy to maintain as it is beautiful and easy to install. With the technology we have built in to make Metroflor LVT durability the best that it can be, we are confident Metroflor LVT can ensure that all your flooring needs are met!

The transparent vinyl wear layer provides significant Metroflor LVT durability against scuffs and abrasions. Wear layers are typically measured in mils or fractions of a millimeter (mm). A mil is equal to 1/1000th of an inch. So a 20 mil product would be equal to 20/1000ths of an inch. In millimeters, 20 mils is equal to 0.5 mm.

As a general rule, the thicker the wear layer, the greater the protection to the design layer. As would be expected, the thicker the wear layer, the more expensive the product. So if you have budget requirements, depending on where it’s going to be installed, you may not need the thickest wear layer, but you should always get the thickest layer you can afford. The wear layer, and in most cases, a couple of coats of a stain and abrasion resistant finish is all that stands between you and the beautiful design on your LVT floor.

Increase Metroflor LVT Durability With The Right Wear Layer

Metroflor offers products with 6, 8, 12, and 20 mil wear layers. Our ASPECTA commercial floors have our thickest wear layer at 28 mils. The chart below is a quick reference for the classification of the various wear layers.

metroflor LVT durability

  • 28 Mil (0.7 mm) wear layer is rated for heavy commercial installations but might be overkill for most residential installations.
  • 20 Mil (0.5 mm) wear layers are rated for residential and heavy commercial installations.
  • 12 Mil (0.3 mm) wear layers are rated for residential and medium commercial installations.
  • 8 Mil (0.2 mm) and 6 Mil (0.15 mm) wear layers are rated for residential and light commercial installations and are often used in apartments, student housing, and assisted living facilities.

Determining which wear layer is best for your floor includes many factors to balance between your lifestyle, where it will be installed, the traffic in that area, and your budget. Metroflor Aligned Dealers are your personal LVT specialists and can assist you in choosing the best Metroflor product for your home or business. If you are looking to transform your home with Metroflor, visit us at or use our Dealer Locator to find a dealer near you!

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