Metroforms Collection Adapts to Meet Evolving Flooring Needs

Metroflor’s Metroforms LVT flooring collection is living up to its 2019 “Best of NeoCon Innovation Award” in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and the increased need for consumer-friendly wayfinding and distancing cues integrated into the places where people gather.


As retail and grocery stores, restaurants, banks, schools, offices, hospitality properties and other environments rely on visual wayfinding and signage to help consumers and employees observe crucial social-distancing requirements, property owners and maintenance staff seek flooring options that can accommodate evolving needs while remaining durable, economical and beautiful.


Metroforms LVT—available in 10 geometric shapes and 38 colors—provides a custom flooring solution with nearly limitless design options that can adapt to meet the wayfinding and distancing requirements of today while remaining versatile enough to handle the changing needs of tomorrow – all from a single stock of material.


That’s because, instead of costly and labor-intensive glue-down installation, Metroforms LVT uses “Attraxion Magnetic Attachment Technology” that makes custom-patterned flooring literally a snap to install – or to change. Installed over a reusable “Magnebuild” magnetic underlayment system that also acts as a moisture barrier and crack-suppressant membrane, Metroforms flooring eliminates VOC concerns, won’t affect or interfere with electronics and withstands even heavy commercial traffic.


In addition to using the power of magnetism to dramatically reduce the time needed to replace a floor compared to traditional LVT that requires adhesives or locking seams, Metroforms’ durable construction and its ability to be easily rearranged means the same flooring material can handle the wayfinding and distancing cues of today, and then be repositioned to serve the needs of tomorrow as social restrictions are relaxed.


Envisioning how Metroforms flooring will look in an existing space is also simple with Metroflor’s easy-to-use Sketchbox Designer online tool. This software allows property owners, designers, maintenance staff and others to see how Metroforms flooring and potential patterns will look by virtually overlaying those patterns across a real photo of an existing room or space.


Developed as a forward-thinking, style-focused product, Metroforms flooring is meant to bring sophisticated or unique looks to life and Sketchbox Designer helps by taking the guesswork out of complex patterns such as chevrons, basketweaves and diamonds. To meet evolving public safety needs, a collection of social-distance-inspired designs are offered as well. And if specifications such as room length and width are provided, users receive a calculation of materials required to aid in estimating costs and labor needs.


With proper social distancing crucial to stopping the spread of coronavirus, Metroforms LVT flooring provides an innovative, elegant and cost-effective approach to meeting the wayfinding and communication needs of today while still being ready to handle the evolving flooring needs of tomorrow.

Restaurant Floor Configuration During COVID-19


Restaurant Floor Configuration After COVID-19


Grocery Store Floor Configuration During COVID-19


Grocery Store Floor Configuration After COVID-19


School Hallway Configuration During COVID-19


School Hallway Configuration After COVID-19


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