Design Recap: NeoCon 2019

Robert Langstaff

Metroflor’s Director of Design, Robert Langstaff

By Robert Langstaff, Metroflor Director of Design


Trends in Flooring and Beyond

The biggest trend I observed – and it’s been going on, but this show solidified it – is the pushback against open office planning so popular in the 90s. The concept of workplace collaboration became a buzzword and a priority for many companies. But the open office planning was just too open, and noise became a negative factor. Whether overhearing colleagues’ phone conversations — typically louder on their mobiles — music, or any number of other auditory distractions, a lot of sound just bled into everyone’s workplace. Now privacy areas are becoming a much more viable part of office furniture manufacturers’ systems.

At this NeoCon, the idea of transforming the open office and providing quieter, more private spaces prevailed. I saw a return to more discreet work areas, such as partition rooms within open office layouts, for a sense of retreat that is more conducive to creativity and productivity.

Metroflor's Metroforms with Attraxion Magnetic Technology

Metroflor’s Metroforms with Attraxion Magnetic Technology

As a resilient flooring manufacturer, Metroflor looked at new technology that would enable defining these new privacy areas while creating better acoustical qualities in the office. Our new Attraxion Magnetic Technology enables prefabricated partitions to be placed and flooring installed to define these respective areas cleanly and quickly, with repairs and replacements made easy. LVT is quieter and more comfortable underfoot than other hard surface flooring. And if someone wants to personalize their own space, Attraxion makes it easy to change things out at an affordable rate.

Metroflor’s new Metroforms with Attraxion is a very clean approach to a glue down product with

Metroforms with Attraxion Magnetic Technology won a 2019 Best of NeoCon Award

Metroforms with Attraxion Magnetic Technology won a 2019 Best of NeoCon Award

endless design opportunities to do a wide range of layouts: varying different plank colors, placing the flooring on the diagonal, making herringbones or basketweaves, or perimeters in one color and the main area in another. Its hygienic quality is another plus, especially in contained spaces. Hotels have moved in the direction of resilient flooring away from carpet in guest rooms for this reason. High-quality, authentic-looking LVT creates a natural look that can work with carpet, for an interplay of look and feel with physical texture.

Overall, Attraxion technology moved the perception of LVT among designers and architects to a whole new level of appreciation and acceptance for its ingenuity and the aesthetic possibilities.

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