Aspecta by Metroflor Takes Neocon 2017 by Storm

The Director of Design for Aspecta and Metroflor, Robert Langstaff, had the following to say about this year’s NeoCon 2017 event.

NeoCon 2017 was an incredibly successful show for Metroflor. We experienced the heaviest traffic we’ve ever had in the Aspecta by Metroflor booth. Scans were up over 25% from last year and foot traffic was robust and steady throughout the show. It was clear that this increase in traffic was tied in part to our “IAmISOCORE” North Central Lobby sponsorship – bringing heightened awareness for the brand among more attendees than ever before. Our reception at the rooftop lounge of the Godfrey Hotel hit an all-time high with nearly 400 VIP guests who experienced how Metroflor and Aspecta are shaking things up with ISOCORE!

Our new Aspecta One Ornamental was very well received – in fact, it was an Interior Design HiP Award finalist/honoree! It’s a timely introduction for the concept of creating custom flooring looks without having to endure what can be a complicated, elaborate custom process. The collection also reflects the direction of today’s flooring and textiles towards incorporating the principles of Biophilia in the design process.  Ornamental reflects Metroflor’s immersion in Biophilic Design, and our new LVT collection conveys many of its key attributes, such as Integration of Place and Culture (Damask), Curiosity and Enticement (Masquerade), and Botanical motifs (Malta).

To our surprise, a number of the designers and architects were unfamiliar with Biophilia, so our book signing for the limited-edition journal “Elements of Biophilic Design” was a timely and important opportunity to educate designers and architects about its principles. Our Biophilia consultant Sonja Bouchart was in the booth with me to present this journal, which was intended to leave designers and architects with an enduring reminder of this important and emerging theme in the design of Metroflor’s products.

Biophilia in Booth

An example of Biophilia design at the Metroflor by Aspecta booth at NeoCon2017

We were exceedingly happy with our sponsorship of the keynote address by Dr. Jessica Green – a world-renowned scientist inspiring people to think about bacteria in entirely new ways. Her presentation, attended by architects and designers, was a visually rich, dynamic tour de force about the role of bacteria in built environments –and its potential for positive impact upon people. Her presentation was both enlightening and provocative, encouraging us to better understand something that is so much a part of us and yet something we so take for granted. There is such synergy between the philosophy of Biophilia and Jessica’s understanding of how we are intimately connected with each other and even the smallest forms of life.

Metroflor’s sustainability platform articulated in the booth – including the first Declare label for a rigid core LVT product – was spot on, because sustainability is at the forefront of so many minds and discussions. Our Chief Sustainability Officer Rochelle Routman did an outstanding job putting together a clear, concise message about sustainability in the resilient flooring industry and how Metroflor is leading the way.

We received unilaterally favorable commentary about our total NeoCon 2017 branding campaign. From the lobby installation and billboard opposite the Godfrey party, to the banner outside of the Mart and the seamless execution of our themes in the booth…“impressive on all fronts” is what we heard from our customer base. Said one media insider, “You made certain that everywhere someone looked, they saw Aspecta by Metroflor. THAT’S how to plan a campaign…If you are going to make a splash, be sure to get them wet!!”

It was encouraging to see more college students at the show – because they are actually getting a real-time view of what is going on, how the industry works, what companies are doing/coming out with – one thing to see a sample booth, another thing to be in the showroom and have an impact to solidify their decision to become designers or architects.

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