Aspecta Summit 2016 | Metroflor Hosts Aspecta Distributor Partners At Calhoun Campus

Metroflor’s Green Globes-certified Design & Innovation Center in Calhoun, Georgia was theRuss Rogg Aspecta Summit 2016 destination for the company’s Aspecta Summit 2016. This commercial sales meeting took place from September 27 – 29 and was attended by 60 North American distributor-partners and 20 Aspecta/Metroflor employees. Punctuated by some leisure-time activities including a down-home barbecue and a cruise along the Tennessee River, the two-day meetings focused on sales and success – from strategies to maximize the launch of Aspecta Ten, to previewing the new Aspecta One as another growth opportunity.


A key theme of the Aspecta Summit was sustainability, with Metroflor’s new Chief Sustainability Officer Rochelle Routman on hand to elaborate on the more focused strategy being developed, where Metroflor is heading with initiatives focusing on product transparency, and how it relates to both distributors and end users.Aspecta - Robert Longstaff

A round-robin series of interactive, small-group sessions covered everything upcoming design innovations (all thanks to a great presentation by Metroflor Director of Design, Robert Longstaff)  to focused sales strategies for selling Aspecta Ten to vertical markets.

The finale included a group sales training session with consultant Dr. John Horton. During this session Dr. Horton gave helpful sales tips, such as uncovering unspoken customer needs and role-playing techniques to demonstrate how they can become even more successful selling Aspecta.

Paul Eanes, Metroflor’s VP of Sales, said, “The Aspecta Summit represents a valuable forum for us to make a lasting impact about the value of the Aspecta brand and the importance of our relationships with our distributors. The feedback on the format, content and overall success was substantial and positive.”

Jessica Nix, Aspecta representative for Metroflor’s southeastern distributor William M. Bird, was asked by Kendra Mahan, Metroflor Commercial Sales Manager, to give her thoughts on working with Metroflor and Aspecta. Check it out!

All in all, the Metroflor Aspecta Summit 2016 was an enormous success with much learning and fun to be had by all. You can keep up with the latest updates from Aspecta by visiting:


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