Konecto Plank Replacement | How-To Guide

Konecto represents the newest generation of high-quality floating resilient plank and tile flooring.  Built on proven Grip Strip technology for floating floors, Konecto LVT offers fast, easy installation with no additional adhesive required. Beautiful, durable and moisture-resistant, Konecto is built to last. It will hold up against a lot of chaos, but it’s not immune to everything! Accidents can happen. And when they do, we want you to feel prepared and confident in your ability to quickly solve the problem. We put together this quick and simple “how-to” guide in the event that you need to perform a Konecto plank replacement.

Konecto Plank Replacement 

Follow the instructions below to successfully perform a Konecto plank replacement.


Step 1: Remove the damaged plank 

konecto plank replacement

First, measure 1.5″ from the edge of all four corners of the damaged plank and make a mark. Draw a 45-degree angle from one of the corners to the 1.5″ mark, then draw a line connecting all four corner marks. This will create a smaller rectangle inside the damaged plank.

Next, using a heat gun, heat along the center rectangle to warm the plank. Then, use a utility knife to cut through the plank along the line. Proceed to heat and cut in stages. Be sure to heat and cut from the marked corner cut as well.

Now, remove the center section using a utility knife to lift the first edge. Use the heat gun to heat, and slowly lift the remaining edge of the damaged plank. You’ll then see the exposed under edge of the surrounding planks, and will want to be careful not to overheat the surrounding planks.

Step 2: prepare the replacement plank 

konecto plank replacement

With the new replacement plank facing you, remove the long and short exposed under edge with a utility knife. Use the center of the damaged plank to protect the surface below, or cut the plank on a work table.

Next, take the width measurements of the exposed under edge (the wider section) on the short and long sides in the exposed, open area of the removed plank. Turn the replacement plank over so that the back side is facing you, and transfer the measurements – measuring from the cut edges.

Use a straight edge or extra plank to draw a line down the long and short edge of the planks connecting marks. Then, using a utility knife and straight edge, carefully cut along the line of the long edge of the plank. Make sure you only cut through the adhesive backing layer! Repeat this step for the short edge of the plank as well.

With your heat gun, carefully heat along the long edge of the plank and remove the over-edge backing layer. Heat and remove in stages, just like before. You may have to use a utility knife to help with this step if the initial cut did not go through the entire backing layer. Again, repeat this step for the short edge of the plank.

Finally, dry fit the replacement plank to ensure a good fit.

step 3: insert the replacement plank 

konecto plank replacement

Take out the wax paper slip sheet provided in the carton and use it as a barrier for the glue. Apply a single bead of Prevail™ 30-GS Adhesive to the exposed under edges from the surrounding planks.

Carefully insert the new plank, making sure all edges are flush. Use a hand roller to roll over the plank to ensure a good bond. Remove any excess adhesive immediately by using a small amount of Acetone applied with a clean, white, lint-free cloth. Weigh down the replacement plank and allow it to dry completely. And then you’re done! Successful Konecto plank replacement completed.

You’ll find a complete video walkthrough of how to successfully perform a Konecto plank replacement below:

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